How I can order aranmula kannadi here?

Go to the available models in the menu, by clicking you can see the different models with photo and small description. all those models are readily available with us. you can proceed with the ordering process and make payment.

How can I know that a model is available in stock or not?

If the model of the mirror is displayed here, it means the stock is available and you can make the order. the models which are not in stock will automatically disappear from the listing.

The model which I'm looking is not in stock, But still I want to buy them. how can I do that?

The models which we are listed here are the ones which are available in stock. If some models shows zero quantity, that means they are not available in stock. but if you want you can place an order provided we will make the mirror and send to you after that.

How much time needed to make the Aranmula Kannadi, which is not available in stock?

It depends on the size and complexity of the design. some mirrors can be made in the matter of 2-3 days, but some models require 10-20 days to make. Always better to connect with us to get it clarified and place your order.

The models which are in stock - how much time needed to ship it? how soon it will reach me?

We need 2-3 days to process your order. each mirror will be properly cleaned polished and packed before dispatching. we use speed post / DTDC / Delhivery courier services within india, and DHL express / FedEX for international orders. within kerala and nearby states it will take 2-4 days to deliver, internationally it takes 4-7 days and still depends on which continent you are in.

I 'm in an urgency I need an express shipment. How to do that?

Within India, the DTDC provides a service called DTDC plus - an express service with 48 hours delivery SLA. but still you have to check with the DTDC about the service in your pin code. but this service cost your extra, and the customer should pay for it. within kerala, they deliver the next day, even in other state metros like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delihi etc.. and other part of the country it will take 2 days to deliver.

How I can make payment ?

There are many different ways to make the payment 

1. Pay in website:-

Here we integrated the payment gateway, so you can make the payment by using your credit/debit card or bank transfer. follow the instructions while you check out.

2. Pay via google pay / phonepe / amazon pay / UPI 

you can pay with any payment app like google pay/ phone pe/ amazon pay / any UPI payment app. you can finish the purchase by selecting PAY VIA google pay / UPI option, and send payment to upi id : aranmulakannadi@apl and share the screen to aranmulamirror@gmail.com 

3. International Payment via Paypal 

Select the international payment and proceed with the order. we will send a payment request to your mail id. then you can pay and complete the purchase.

I need some help, how I can get?

You can reach out our customer care : Call/Whatsapp: (+91) 70128 70557. Click Here to Whatsapp Us 

How to track my shipments?

You will get an e-mail with shipping details and the tracking code. you can track it online in the specific tracking link of the shipping companies.


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If you have any further queries, please feel free to send a mail to : aranmulamirror@gmail.com or aranmulakannadimail@gmail.com